Centre Facilities

Lale’enok Resource Centre operates year-round, providing community gathering, research and teaching facilities. It is made up of a Main building, an Office building, a staff block and sleeping tents. All of Lale’enok is powered by solar arrays!

The Main Building  consists of a large hall that provides a community gathering space, a lecture hall and living space for student groups, as well as an office that houses a work space for the Olkiramatian Scouts and provides computer and internet access to the community. A small building next door provides kitchen facilities, and shower and bathroom facilities are available in the camping and sleeping tent area.

The Office Building houses the main office for Lale’enok’s research, resource assessment and data processing.  The  office is equipped with a desktop computer, several laptops, a printer, and scanner, all of which are connected via a local area network and have access to high speed internet. The desktop makes available numerous software programs including ArcGIS, BaseCamp, Filemaker, Distance, and various statistical software.  The Centre operates a weather station, with a data logger to make data available to the community and researchers. The Office building also houses kitchen and living facilities for long-term researchers, with 2 single sleeping tents and 3 double sleeping tents. The building also contains a storage area for fuel, equipment and food, complete with a sample freezer  run on solar power!

The Staff Block consists of a kitchen and living space, two dormitories, and several sleeping tents.

Showers and bathrooms for both the Staff Block and the Office Building are available in the sleeping tent area.

Laundry services are available, but clothes are hand-washed, and the service is therefore by request only: one day’s notice is required. Cost  500 Ksh per load. There is no store on site, though basic items may be purchased in Olkiramatian village.

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Lale'enok facilitates the advancement of community livelihoods, sustainable resource management and human-wildlife coexistence through the integration of research, livestock development, tourism, and other income generating community projects. As a physical place for information storage and sharing, the centre provides the community with a forum to engage partners in knowledge creation, dissemination and application.

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